Hutch Office Hour: Level up your strategic financial planning

Fearless CFO Ryan Hemminger is answering your strategic financial planning questions and sharing how he plans and maintains Fearless' financial health.

Join us Tues. Oct. 3, 2023 1:30pm EST

This free webinar is best for

  • Business decision-makers
  • Founders or executives 

Strong financial planning is one of the best things you can do for your business. But knowing what to prioritize and focus on can be hard if you've never managed business finances before.

At Hutch, we teach entrepreneurs how to effectively set visionary priorities and give them a foundation of support so they can grow. 

In this 60-minute session, we'll help you do the same!

Things you'll gain from the Hutch expert office hour:

  • Answers to your burning strategic financial planning questions 
  • Insights on how to implement effective financial planning
  • Networking with entrepreneurs and Hutch experts to build your business network

... and so much more!

About the expert:

Ryan Hemminger is the Chief Financial Officer of Fearless, an impact-focused digital services integrator building software with a soul, while creating the conditions for organizations and their people to thrive.

With Fearless' 200+ employees and $75 million in annual revenue,Ryan leads the company’s Finance & Infrastructure department. Ryan and his team focus on running Fearless' business operations and giving team members the tools and support they need to do their best work. The Finance & Infrastructure department is responsible for the nuts and bolts of how Fearless operates, running finance, payroll, IT, office management, company events, and more. In his role, Ryan is responsible for creating Fearless’ financial strategy and aligning and empowering the financial, facilities, and IT groups that live within his department.

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Hutch is a 24-month program that gives entrepreneurs a blueprint for building successful digital service firms in the B2G space. We think of Hutch as a home-base for our members, giving them a foundation of support so they can grow in the government contracting space without getting lost amongst bigger companies in the industry. 

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